Brazil Silvia Barretto Filter

Brazil Silvia Barretto Filter

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Purple Grape, Lavender, Nectarine, Toffee

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Fazebda Ambiental Fortaleza, Igaraí, Mococa, São Paulo - 900 - 1000 masl - Natural - Yello Catuai

FAF Coffees story begins here. A dream to produce high quality products while working in harmony with nature and people; an alternative to what has become the norm, conventional.

Silvia Barretto is fourth generation of a line of Barretto's in Mococa who have run many coffee and milk farms, exporting companies, banks and politics - all in what seems a very distant past. In fact, Silvia moved back from living in 20 years abroad in the United States to save a failing farm, doing this while innovating organic methods and becoming one of the most famous coffee farms domestically and internationally.

A long time beekeeper, Silvia noticed the effects of agrotoxics on her bees and all things on the farm. Since she took over the farm in 2001 and switched to organic farming, FAF (as the farm has become known) has become a sanctuary for clean water, healthy soils, birds and wildlife in general with a recent surge in Guara wolves, monkeys and leopards.

Besides its coffee FAF produces honey, cheese, fruits and vegetables.