Colombia Galdiver Vasquez Gonzalez Lot #9 Filter

Colombia Galdiver Vasquez Gonzalez Lot #9 Filter

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White Grape, Dark Chocolate, Orange, Plum

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Washed - Castillo -Sotara, Cauca

Galdiver Vasquez Gonzalez owns the 3-hectare farm Brisbania, where he grows 12,000 Castillo trees.

After harvesting and depulping, the coffee is fermented dry for 24 hours, then washed and dried for 15 days under the sun.

In September 2018, Galdiver submitted this lot of 420kg to be judged at Cafe Import’s Colombia Best Cup, where it was awarded 9th place. Square One puchased this coffee exclusively at auction, and Galdiver recieved a premium of US$6.50 per lb - approximately AUD$20.02 per kg.