El Salvador Finca San Nicolas Espresso

El Salvador Finca San Nicolas Espresso

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Raspberry, Orange, Raisin, Winey

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Honey Process - Pacamara - Chalatenango

It would seem logical that the smallest Central American coffee-growing country would produce microlots, but historically, much of the coffee was blended and sold to mills, without much lot differentiation and separation. The rise of specialty coffee in El Salvador has inspired many producers to start to identify and isolate individual varieties, and to experiment with sorting and processing, as a way of attracting buyers and getting higher prices, but access to those resources can still be difficult for smaller growers.

Ignacio Gutiérrez's farmland has grown considerably since he started growing coffee 10 years ago: He now has 18 manzanas, each planted with about 3,000 trees, mostly Pacas, Pacamara, and SL-28 varieties. He employs different processes: Washed, Honey, and Natural, and he dries his coffee on both patios and on raised beds, depending on the process and the climate. Like many producers in this area, his farm has struggled with a little bit of coffee-leaf rust, but it is getting better.

He says that coffee is a very pleasant way of making a life and livelihood, and he appreciates the opportunity to improve his financial standing through coffee. Of course he'd like to sell more and earn higher prices, and with more farms and more plants he hopes to increase his production every year.