El Salvador Finca Talnamica Espresso

El Salvador Finca Talnamica Espresso

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Cherry, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate

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Washed – Red Bourbon – Apaneca, Ahuachapán

Producer – María Elena Ortíz de Mendez


Finca Talmanica has been in the Mendez' family for years, but only recently, when Nena and her siblings inherited the land, has there been any drive to pursue specialty coffee. The group started pursuing small steps for improvement: sorting ripe cherry better, conscious pruning, and working on drying technique. The first year they pursued a specialty relationship, the coffees showed great sweetness and promise. After even more improvements, quality began to skyrocket.

Most of the workers live in the surrounding community so do not require housing but Hermann and Nena provide them with daily meals and a free medical clinic.

By the late afternoon, the workers return to the big patio near the main house where they spread out the fruits of their labor, separating the coffee cherries by color and ripeness. Red and crimson (the desirable ripe cherries) in one pile, yellows and orange (segundos) in another, and verdes (greens) in the third pile - each of which will be utilized for different markets.

This is communal and congenial time at the farm as everyone gathers to sort, share stories, maybe have an ice cream cone and weigh their harvest. Neva goes around giving the workers copies of pictures she took of them while working.