El Salvador Mauricio Escalon Espresso

El Salvador Mauricio Escalon Espresso

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Pear, Caramel, Honey

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Washed - Bourbon - Ahuachapan - Helvetia Farm


Located in the Ilamatepeque mountain range, Helvetia is a traditional bourbon farm that benefits from six natural water springs and lots of ‘ingas’ shade trees that are carefully pruned every year.

The mother of Mauricio bought it in 2000 when co ee prices were in crisis, thinking that crisis are windows for opportunities. Through a strict farm management and renovation plan, the farm produces very high quality co ee every year and won the COE in 2005.

Mauricio and his mother developped a social program of alternative crops for the workers to learn about other agricultural products. They teach them how to grom corn, bean, cereals and veggetables so they can grow them themselves and sustain their families.