Guatemala La Joya Grande

Guatemala La Joya Grande

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Washed - Caturra, Bourbon - Huehuetenango


Finca Joya Grande lies high in the mountains of Guatemala’s Huehuetenango Department. The region’s steep slopes and cool climate are ideal for specialty coffee production. Thanks to the dry, hot winds that blow into the mountains from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain, the region is protected from frost, allowing Highland Huehue to be cultivated up to 2,000 metres above sea level. These high altitudes and relatively predictable climate make for exceptional specialty coffee.

The current owner of Finca Joya Grande is Austreberto Morel Hidalgo Argueta, who is the third generation to farm this land. While he works to preserve the legacy of his Grandfather, the first man to farm coffee here, he has added his own improvements as well. It is telling of the region’s remoteness that the road that leads to the farm was built by Austreberto himself in 1984. Prior to that, all coffee had to be transported in and out of the farm on horseback by narrow paths