Honduras Lenin Madrid Espresso

Honduras Lenin Madrid Espresso

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Cherry, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate

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Washed – Pacas + Catuai – Santa Barbara

Producer – Lenin Madrid

This is the second year we have welcomed Lenin Madrid’s wonderful coffee to our menu at Square One, and we’re very excited to serve it again!

Coffee has always been a part of Lenin Madrid’s life. He is the third generation of coffee producers in his family. “For my whole life, my parents fed me with coffee instead of milk,” Lenin jokes all the time. Constantino Madrid, Lenin’s grandfather was the first person that started growing coffee on this land and in those times, he just picked the small coffee trees that grew under the big trees when the cherries fell on the ground and this was how his grandfather started creating the first generation of coffee in Finca Flor de Café.

Since he was just a kid he helped his father preparing the food for the workers, de-pulping and washing the coffee in the post-harvest process. When he was 16 years old, his father gave him a small lot for him to manage and take care of his very first coffee trees on his own. He was in charge of everything, from buying the fertilisers, to fertilising, harvesting, and carrying out the post-harvest process. This experience was the first step for Lenin to become a coffee producer. He learned most of the things he knows about coffee thanks to his father and him taking care of these first lots.

In 2006, Lenin decided to start producing specialty coffee because he was searching for a way of achieving better prices and offer a better quality of life to his family. Since then, he has been working and focusing on improving the quality of his coffee. He wants the consumers of his coffee to know that when they are buying a cup of this coffee, they are contributing to the sustainability of his family, the families of his workers, and even to the economy of his community.