Bolivia Mauricio Mamani Filter

Bolivia Mauricio Mamani Filter

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Washed - Caturra - Caranavi - Organic

This special 20 bag micro-lot was grown by Mauricio Mamani Camacho.  His small family farm, “Yana”, is located in the Carraxo La Reserva region of the Caranavi Province in Bolivia. This is a lush, green and very fertile area whose steep slopes and valleys provide excellent conditions for growing specialty coffee, as well as supporting a diverse range of native flora and fauna.

Mauricio was born into the Aymara, an ancient indigenous group which lives on the Altiplano (a vast plateau of the central Andes stretching through southern Peru, Bolivia and into northern Chile and Argentina). He arrived in the Caranavi area 15 years ago, following the death of his parents from yellow fever, and shortly afterwards bought this 13 hectare farm, some 30 km from Caranavi town and 162km north-east of La Paz, in a ‘colonia’ (settlement area) called Uchumachi.

With the help of his wife Lorenza Mamani Huanca, Mauricio farms eight hectares of coffee (Typica and Caturra). The rest of the farm is planted out with citrus trees. The coffee grows at high altitude (1,600 -1,750m) in the shade of native forest trees.

Mauricio and Lorenza used to sell their coffee to local markets as wet parchment – known locally as ‘café en mote’ – but over the last 10 years (since the arrival of the Cup of Excellence) he and Lorenza along with the extended Mamani family have processed the coffee themselves, allowing them to get a far better price for their beans and carefully control the quality.