Mexico Sargento Vazquez Filter

Mexico Sargento Vazquez Filter

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Red apple, Raspberry, Peach, Lemon, Cherry, Cranberry.

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Washed – Typica – Mazateca, Oaxaca - 1400 masl.

Within the highlands of Northern Oaxaca, lies the Mazatec Region, where coffee is traditionally grown in mythical valleys. This region is an extraordinarily beautiful area, mostly mountainous, with small valleys, and a diverse flora and fauna. What makes us love this community the most is their beautiful culture, rituals, legends, traditions, and love for life. During the past century, the main agricultural product in the region was coffee, however, coffee prices for the last 30 years dropped causing an economic crisis in the region and many people decided to abandon their coffee trees. Fortunately, some of them never gave up on coffee despite their economic problems and after more than two decades of silence and oblivion, their coffee came to light again.

Don Sargento Vazquez, owner of Finca Llano de Agua, started producing coffee almost 30 years ago. His Uncle Martin talked to him about an organisation that promoted wanted to save the production of coffee crops in the region. He started with a few trees, but in those times, coffee was not profitable for him. His income was not enough to cover his costs and he was very disappointed in the possibilities of growing coffee. In fact, Sargento decided to sell his farm in order to have cash to pay his debts. But when he was about to sell the farm, he learned about a way that he could achieve better prices and become profitable. That was when he decided to give coffee growing one last chance and tried producing coffee for the specialty coffee market. This was a turning point in his coffee life as he started seeing better prices and now, more than ever he is determined to continue with coffee.