Honduras Alexis Sagastume

Honduras Alexis Sagastume

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Cranberry, Lemon, Hibiscus, Dark Chocolate

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Washed – Parainema – Santa Barbara

Finca los Tucanes is located in the highlands that surround the municipality of Santa Barbara. Its proximate location to a natural forest creates a unique biodiversity and great climatic conditions in this farm. It is very common to find toucans all over the farm and there comes the name Los Tucanes from.

Many years ago, Alexis’ grandfather, José Ángel Sagastume established in this region of Santa Barbara. In those times, the land had no owners, so people just arrived and settles in pieces of land. They used to grow vegetables and basic beans to make a living. After a few years, the government granted them as legal owners of the land. Later on, Alexis’ father inherited this farm. Year after year, coffee started to become a main character in this farm. When Alexis was just 10 years old, he used to help his father on the coffee production. When he was 20 years old, he inherited Finca Los Tucanes from his father, the exact same land where his grandfather settled many years ago. Nowadays, after three generations of coffee growing in Finca Los Tucanes, Alexis is following his grandfather’s and father’s example by teaching and involving his son (14 years old) on the farm. He would love to see Finca Los Tucanes continuing the family tradition for many more generations.

After a few years producing coffee on his own, Alexis decided to start building his house with the incomes he received from coffee. Today, he owes coffee his home. Alexis feels proud that his farm is in good conditions, healthy and productive after so many years of family work.