Seasonal Blend

Seasonal Blend

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Lemon, Peach, Milk Chocolate

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50% Colombia El Meridiano
50% Rwanda Nyarusiza

Tasting Notes:
Lemon, Peach, Milk Chocolate

Our seasonal blend is exactly what it sounds like! The elements in this blend change with the seasons of different origin's harvests. Usually an element will change every 3-4 months, depending on the coffee. But this doesn't mean that you will see vast differences in the cup throughout the year - we replace each element according to the cup profile to make sure it's almost the same all year round!

In milk this blend possesses a lot of chocolate and stonefruits like apricot and peach, but if you hold back that milk you will find a very complex cup that is floral with candied lemon, milk chocolate and fresh peach. Perfect for the household that drinks their coffee any which way!