Honduras Secundino Sabillon Espresso

Honduras Secundino Sabillon Espresso

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Lemon, Toffee, Red Apple

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Santa Barbara - 1350 masl - Washed - Panairema

Among the mountains that surround the largest lake in Honduras, Lake Yojoa, settles Finca Mi Mundo, property of Secundino Sabillón, blessed by the beautiful landscape view of the lake. Secundino’s father used to own coffee farms and since Secundino was seven years old, his father took him to the farms to harvest cherries. When he was just 18 years old, his father granted him one of his farms for Secundino to manage. That was when he faced the real challenges of managing a farm on his own. In the year 2007, Secundino decided to purchase his very own piece of land. For a couple of years, he started working as school bus driver and all his incomes, he invested them on his own farm. The first year of his harvest, he had no post-harvest infrastructure, nor house on the farm. Today, he is proud to look back and see the huge progress and improvements on the farm.

Secundino named his farm Mi Mundo, for two reasons; first, the mountain in which the farm is located, has a very special form and it almost looks like an earth globe and because he really dreams with people from all over the world visiting his farm and learning about what he does. He started to grow specialty coffee because it’s his only source of income, and he wanted to do things well and obtain a good recognition for his hard work. Today, Secundino has many projects and plans for his farm and he is motivated to continue improving his infrastructure to produce better coffee harvest after harvest.