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This is us, Square One Coffee Roasters!

We’re a small team based in Cremorne, Melbourne, focusing on roasting specialty coffee.

Our experience comes from all facets of the hospitality industry, from the floor to behind the machine, to running a 200-seat inner city cafe on a busy Saturday morning. We’re here to help other small businesses make their cafe run smoothly - from stock management and bookkeeping to training and machine maintenance. We’re here to help you in any way we can, and we have the know-how to do so. 

But above all, we roast fantastic coffee to suit anyone from your specialty coffee connoisseur to the everyday consumer. We roast to show the subtle nuances of the coffee, without fixing on light or dark roasts, and the result is a well-rounded palatable and industry-leading offering. 

If you’d like any more information on who we are and what we do, please get in touch via info@squareoneroasters.com.au

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Elika - Head Roaster

Elika has been working in hospitality since she was fifteen years old, with management experience in both floor and bar, within fine-dining, cocktail bars and cafes. She has worked in and run some of Melbourne's best cafes, progressing from floor all the way to roasting. She has a wealth of knowledge and is keen to share that with you!

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Tom - Roastery Operations

Tom is our go-to guy! He spends most of his time on the tools, whether it be production roasting or maintenance. He has a technical mind and is here to share that with you! Not only that, but he is a great barista trainer. Whether you want to know how to pour a beautiful coffee or how to clean grinders, Tom's here to help!

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Jordy - Client Liaison

Jordy is fresh to Melbourne, but has already made a splash! He graces us from New Zealand where he's spent loads of time looking after wholesale customers. He has an abundance of experience in coffee making too, so he can help guide you if you need some direction. He's always up for a yarn and some sweet 'spros, but mainly he wants to make sure you're happy, all of the time!